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Our SustainABLE strategy features in ISLA’s Temperature Check report which includes trends in event carbon emissions from TRACE, practical actions the events industry can take today, carbon instinct – a new concept to contextualise carbon and five things you can do now to improve.

GIG is already implementing forward thinking sustainable food choices within its everyday operations and delivery, putting them in a great position to further advance how to present, engage and market sustainability.

Adopting ‘Sustain-ABLE’ -‘Ability, Brave, Leader, Ethical’ as an in-house strategy their team uses several tactics to promote sustainable food choices,  especially:

  • ‘Nudging’ with menu design – research shows that where a menu consists of over 75% vegetarian options, a meat-eater will be more likely to choose a vegetarian option.
  • ‘Sustainable Swaps’ – replacing 50g of meat protein with 50g of plant based proteins reduces carbon emissions by 25%!
  • Visual appeal – using menu design, signage and food presentation in a way that makes sustainable options the most appealing.
  • Love food, hate waste – GIG use up excess products or roll over ingredients to the following menu days to minimise waste e.g., croutons in salads, vegetables in soup.

Bonnie May, CEO of Global Infusion Group says: “As a business we are committed to delivering sustainable catering. It’s ingrained in everything that we do and the entire team is encouraged to think creatively and take responsibility in reducing our environmental impact.”

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